Vow To Vow ® Magazine

Vow To Vow ® Magazine is the official publication of the Christian Marriage League. It is a quarterly magazine covering the issues facing married couples today as they seek to renew & enrich their personal and spiritual relationships. 

In light of the high divorce rates and broken families, the ongoing mission of the Vow To Vow® magazine is to provide couples everywhere with the information and resources to make the institution of Marriage great again.

We sincerely invite you to support our mission of helping build stronger Marriages and families.  Read or advertise in Vow To Vow ® Magazine today!

Each issue of Vow To Vow ® Magazine includes editorial features and sections focused on helping couples build happy relationships. Among the magazine sections will include the following:

Cover Stories: Highlights married couples sharing insights about their marriages and how they grew stronger over the years.

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Relationships & Love

To create winning marriages, it takes learning new ways to understand and connect with your spouse. In each issue of Vow To Vow ® Magazine, we explore different issues on Relationships & Love with contributing articles from marriage experts, counselors and clergy who can provide time-tested principles to keep your marriage successful.


Marriage Spotlight

Under Marriage Spotlight, we highlight inspiring and uplifting stories of Christian married couples and talk with them in detail about how they keep their relationships strong and grounded. 


Date Night Deals & Ideas

Having dedicated time to spend with your spouse is key to keeping your marriage connected.  In each issue of Vow To Vow ® magazine, we highlight unique and out of the box ideas, great Date Night deals from businesses and organizations to ignite communication and romance.